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Topsoil & Compost Services

Roberts Sand Company is on a mission to provide speedy and dependable service to all of our residential customers. We use high quality products to ensure you are getting your money's worth.


Our Crimson Stone, Granite, River Gravel, Soils, Mulches and Crushed Concrete are available in various sizes and quantities to provide you with the right material for any project.

Our various crushed rock make beautiful and stable patios and walkways. Various sizes of River Gravel work well between stepping-stones, or in dry river beds.

Sand Clay and Base materials are much denser and harder so it can be packed in areas that get a lot of wear, like driveways.
Cypress Mulch, Pine Bark and Long Leaf Pine Straw are all-natural products that can be used around flowers, trees and playground areas to discourage the growth of weeds, the presence of insects and help to retain moisture.
We suggest using masonry sand for laying bricks and blocks, base materials and/or screenings for laying paver stones for patios and walkways and filtration sand for french drains and holding ponds. If you are installing an above ground pool, masonry sand is washed with no roots to puncture the liner so it is ideal for the foundation under the pool.
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Play Areas

Roberts Play Sand (Masonry Sand) is great for sand boxes, volleyball courts, beach areas and anywhere clean sand is needed. Our Sand Clay is great for building sandcastles!


Screened Top Soil is excellent for flowerbeds and yards. Our Top Soil is 100% organic and has been tested to be sure it is free of any harmful or undesirable elements.
Mushroom Compost is an extremely fertile organic material that acts as a great soil amendment and will boost the nutrient levels of your trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens, lawns, flowerbeds and container plants.
Decorative stones, cypress mulch, pine bark and long leaf pine straw are all-natural products that can be used around flowers, trees and playgrounds.
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Severe Weather

Our sand bags make a quick barrier against flooding and can be easily moved as needed.