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Sand & Rock Products

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Sand pit - Landscaping in Tallahassee, FL
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At Roberts Sand Company, we understand the challenges contractors face in maintaining the specifications required by local codes.
Our materials meet all code requirements and provide you with a variety of choices in order to meet your budget.

We provide a number of materials in the commercial field for DOT and Non-DOT projects as large as the FSU Stadium and major road constructions to as small as materials for retaining walls and playgrounds. We also provide a variety of materials for commercial landscapers.
Our staff is courteous and our dispatchers are greatly skilled at juggling a variety of large and small jobs to provide prompt, efficient and accurate delivery. We can advise you as to the best materials to use for your particular situation. If we don't carry a desired product, we will work with you to find alternatives or obtain for you that particular product.
For your convenience, we offer hauling services and will help you move your materials from one site to the next.